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Chinatown, Bangkok, is an experience not to miss!!!!!

The Chinese cultural landscape at Chinatown Bangkok not only have the exotic street food, rows of ancient shophouse but also the local life too.

Hence, there are so many things oozes and so much charm that you can't liking its. Also, "Live Like A Local" at the Unforgotten B&B in Chinatown, BKK, we will keep you wanting to comeback for more.

About Us

The Unforgotten B&B It's situated in the heart of Thai-Chinese community. Although located among the modern lifestyle of Bangkokians ; they live along with warmth and harmony of typical Thai each other.

Dating back 70 years, initially, this old building was bought by the willingness of one Chinese couple who travelled across the sea to this place Like others, they came to live under the umbrella of the Royal Majesty Optisompar. There,they settled down and started a career of a swine wholesale in Trok Sukorn ( Trok is alley,Sukorn is swine ).Later, the swine business tax was raised ,so they converted their career into running a coffee shop. Here, the new shop became very popular like a rendezvous among Thai-Chinese. Of course ,the business moved onwards and upwards and supported the family 'Yingnualchan' till the third generation

Contact & Locations

The Unforgotten B & B

100 Soi Sukorn2, Trimitr Road, Taladnoi, Sumpantawong, Bangkok, 10100

The Unforgotten B&B is set in Soi Sukorn2, 100 meters from Wat Tri Mit ,1 km from Hua Lum Pong Station and Express way, while Yaowarach (China Town) is about 1.1 km, Suwannaphum International Airport is about 34.2 km, Don Mueang Airport is about 23.1 km.



+662-082-2100, +669-7164-2910